Book a Private Class or Art Party

You’ll find an array of crafting workshops and art party ideas available. We are happy to book private parties or art classes for groups of 5 or more in our studio or 12 or more off site. We offer birthday parties, girls night out, team building events, art classes and more.

Private Parties

  • Include all materials needed to complete your project.
  • Include a complimentary snack bar, a variety of loose leaf and herbal teas, and water (in our location) We also have a wine fridge, glasses and corkscrews for grownup events.
  • Can be held in our studio or brought to you (12 or more for remote events)
  • Are personalized to meet the needs and abilities of your group.
  • Can be BYOB or alcohol-free / family-friendly.

Private Art Party Pricing

The list below only applies to parties in our studio. If we travel to your location we require a minimum of 12 attendees and there is an additional $5 per person charge for traveling and setup costs.

  • Paint Party Acrylic on Canvas, 5 people, 1 design $135.00
  • Paint Party Acrylic on Canvas 10 people, 2 designs $275
  • Wine Glass Party 5 people = $100 10 people = $180
  • Paint and Vinyl Sign Party $37.50 per person minimum 5 people maximum 15.
  • Mosaics party (10Ă—10 base) $45 per person. minimum 5 maximum 15.
  • Poured Paint Party $35 per person
  • Art Journaling $40 per person (includes a journal)
  • Other parties? Fill out our form below and get a free quote.