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Wine Holder Christmas Trees

wine holder christmas tree large
front view

These fun wine holders are very popular right now and we have two types in stock. They make great gifts. Each one holds mini wine bottles, the type you get in 4-packs. (approx 6 oz bottles).

These trees are simple to put together, they come in 5 pieces that slide apart easily and can be stored flat when not in use.

Our 15-day tree is 18″ tall and the 24-day tree is 24″ tall. Use them to “countdown” to Christmas by numbering the holes, or just simply decorate and fill them with your favorite wines. they also hold glass coco-cola bottles.

Wine Tree Workshop

easy to paint and decorate

Need some inspiration to decorate yours? Or would you like to come paint one up in our studio? If you purchase a tree you can come paint them in our studio on Saturday, November 9th. We have an alcohol-free afternoon session or an evening BYOB session.

Pay for your workshop in advance and your piece is included. Can’t make the workshop? No problem, purchase your piece below and pick up in our store at your earliest convenience. (the sooner the better! These will sell out)

Purchase A Wine Tree

Can’t make our workshop but still want to purchase a tree? Order below and pick up in our shop when it’s convenient for you.

We are located at 207 Suppiger directly behind McDonald’s in Highland, IL.

purchase online and pickup in store.
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