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Poured Paint Kits

We have a much shorter YouTube video courtesy of Decoart pouring medium (we love this brand) at the bottom of this page below the order button. It’s very short and quickly demonstrates how to pour. Our kits are great, but our video production skills need work ;). It’s a process.

We’ve designed these kits to be as “low mess” as possible and give you a fun, fail-safe family project you can do at home. Poured paint is popular in our studio with kids and adults. We will premix your paints with the pouring medium and silicone in the right proportions for you.

Each kit will come with a basin tub, a disposable drop cloth, a pair of gloves, cup, 4 prepared paints, mixing sticks, 12×12 canvas, a couple of wood squares to dip in your leftover paint and full instructions for $25.

You can choose THREE colors and you will receive those 3 colors with white.

We have some color scheme suggestions, but if you want something in particular let us know and we’ll see what we have on hand that is close. You’ll get something “in that range” to the best of our ability.

Color schemes we suggest:

Primary colors red, blue, yellow and white.

“Monochromatic” black, silver and white OR different shades of one color: deep purple, lavender, and medium purple with white for example.

“Beach Colors” teal, blue, tan and white

“Night Sky” navy blue or black, purple, silver and white

Sunrise” orange, yellow, pink and white.

“Earth tones” green, blue, tan and white

Any of these color schemes will give you great results. If you want something different within reason we’ll do our best, but we are limited to what we have in stock and are able to mix.

Order your kit below and leave your color choices in the comment section of the order screen. If we don’t get your color choices we will email you to ask for them. We will contact you when your kit is ready for pickup or delivery in the Highland area. We do not ship at this time. We do deliveries on Thursdays or Fridays. Pickups we do from noon – 4pm Tuesday – Friday.

extra canvas/colors (same household only)

Poured Paint Quick Tutorial from Decoart