VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Squishmallow Make my Heart Melt Mom and Me Event


From 11:00 am until 4:00pm

At VineGogh Studio



Spend a fun day bonding with your favorite little valentine at our "make my heart melt" squishmallow studio day. 

For this event you can come in anytime between the hours of 11am and 4pm.  Once you register/pay we will contact you to set an appt. time (this ensures we don't get overcrowded or have wait times) 

This time we have 2 project choices!  

Firstly, your child will have the excitement of selecting a squishmallow from our mystery box. Then, they can choose one of these two creative activities:

  1. Painting a portrait of their squishmallow on canvas.
  2. Creating a fun fusion bead project (aka perler beads). This is an especially thrilling activity for newcomers; children of all ages adore it! It involves arranging beads on a mold according to a pattern, which we then heat press to transform into a custom art piece.


In addition to the creative fun, you can also enjoy complimentary cookies and cocoa! (other drinks are available for purchase: soda, water, coffee, tea) 

Here's how to participate:

Register and make your payment below. After registration, we will contact you via email to arrange a specific appointment time for the event day. This scheduling helps us manage attendance and prevent overcrowding, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone while also allowing us to have more children attend.  

Fee covers one child doing one project.  

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