VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

After School Art Club February Art and the Heart


From 3:45pm until 4:45 pm

At VineGogh Studio



"Feelings: Art and the Heart"

We're excited to welcome you to our Spring after school sessions!  Over the Fall/Winter we explored different mediums each month, paint, clay, etc.  This time we are doing themes and we'll explore a variety of mediums throughout the programs.  

Program Fee is $80 per month ($75 for returning attendees) and includes all materials, snacks and a drink.  

  • February: Art & The Heart
  • March: Fantasy Creatures
  • April: Flowers! 

We will meet every Wednesday in February from 3:45 - 4:45 (your child can remain until 5pm at no additional charge if it helps) Late pickups beyond that require notice please.  The dates are Feb 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th. 

We provide a drink and snack (usually crackers, cookies, that sort of thing and a Caprisun type drink)  If your child has dietary restrictions you will need to send a snack with them.  Thank you! 

February Theme: Art & The Heart! 

 Explore the world of emotions through art in a light hearted, age appropriate and engaging way. Discover how art can help ease stress, express emotions, tap deeper creativity and ignite your dreams for the future.

We'll delve into mindfulness (being completely present and aware in the current moment), using techniques like zen tangles, emotion-based color wheels, mind mapping (aka the brain dump) and art journaling to boost confidence and develop and organize ideas. Each child will receive their own art journal to practice techniques that resonate with them.

This program encourages self-soothing and self-expression, providing a creative outlet for all, regardless of artistic experience. It's like yoga for the brain!  Our goal is a confidence boost for your child when it comes to expressing ideas creatively and moving through limiting mindsets with a better understanding of how to inspire themselves and get into "flow mode".  

Flow mode is that state of creativity and inspired action where things flow easily without the inner critic and worry etc. blocking the way.  There are ways to tap into that using simple art techniques and it's a game changer! There's a reason young people are naturally drawn to drawing, doodling, coloring etc. so we are going to take that and expand on it and run with it. 

Registration Instructions:  

For return attendees, enjoy a $75 discounted rate. Email us to register.  Otherwise you may register your child below.  We will send paperwork before the first session that needs to be filled out.  You can send it in advance or stop in the first day and fill it out.  Parents are welcome at any time to observe our programs.

We look forward to seeing you! 


There are 4 places available.

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