VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Murder, Music and Milkshakes – a hilarious 1950’s themed murder mystery

Overview: Step back into the 1950s with our engaging murder mystery event. From poodle-skirted cheerleaders to musicians, diner staff, greaser gang members and alien enthusiasts inspired by the Roswell era, choose from 19 vibrant characters and unravel a thrilling mystery. Ideal for private parties or public gatherings, this event promises suspense and interactive fun.

Our mysteries are exclusive – written by our family and tested before debuting.  We guarantee a great time – we put ALL we have into our events!

Setting: You’ll be delighted in how our studio/bar transform into a 1950’s diner setting to really set the tone!


  • Character Selection: Select your character and receive a detailed bio and costume suggestions to immerse fully in your role.

Event Flow:

  • Arrival: Upon arrival, receive your script and discover your unique part in the unfolding mystery. Will you  be the murderer? Could be our murderer changes every time and it could be any of our quirky characters.
  • Introduction: Learn the game rules and introduce your character.
  • Gameplay: Participate in three rounds of interactive questioning, with new evidence coming to light each round.  This is followed by accusations, revelations and an awards ceremony.
  • Refreshments: Enjoy complimentary themed drinks(cherry cokes, adult cherry cokes, or milkshakes) and buffet style eats featuring seasonal selections and themed desserts.   typically always include pasta salads, breads and oil, charcuterie (meat, cheese, crackers) fruit and veggie trays, meatballs, and dessert items.  We have plenty of food!  Food and one drink are included – cash bar available after that.
  • Conclusion: Take part in the final accusations and revelations. Awards are given for best dressed, best detective, and more.

Join us for a night of mystery, music, and milkshakes, and experience the 1950s like never before! Book a private party today or check our calendar.  $40 per person.  We need a minimum of 12 for murder mystery.