Summer Camp Agenda

kids summer art campDay 1 Getting Started

10 to 15 minute introduction with parents. We’ll have you leave emergency contact information and provide us any special information we might need to be aware of. We’ll cover briefly the rules of the camp/shop and how we’re going to do our activities each day. We are open to some changes and if we run out of time we’ll also do some “mini projects” etc.

Parents are welcome at any time to come sit in, especially on the first day if your child is a little nervous. We understand :). We know by the end of the first project they’ll be absolutely comfortable because we have a lot of fun.

Each day we will cover some new concepts and we’ll have a little list of questions you can ask your child to see what they have learned.

The Projects

Day One in the Morning. We’re gonna get messy right away with some poured paint tiles. We’ll learn about flow medium, how to combine colors to create beautiful combinations and then we’ll set our art aside to dry for a couple of days.

On day 3 we’ll put our top coat on with epoxy resin and let them sit for 24 hours to cure again. This is a fun, simple project, but it requires patience and engages the imagination. Have you ever played the game “what do you see” when looking in the clouds? This is similar, it’s an abstract art that you have to use the imagination to tell us what you see in your pour once you make it. The fun part is never knowing what you’ll get :).

Cleanup and Lunch

Lunch breaks are between our daily projects around 12 or 12:30. We have snacks available daily and bottled water.

Day One Afternoon.

In the afternoon we are going to do an acrylic painting on canvas. Your child will learn various techniques as we create our “fun art” masterpieces like how to mix colors, blend, shade, highlight, stipple, and more. We’ll have two choices available for your child.

**Extra activity if we have time** (our extra activities are going to be learning games, trivia or very quick mini projects we’ll work in if we finish early for the day.)


Morning activity. Please ensure we have your child’s correct shirt size in advance. We will be doing ice dyeing. Your child will learn how to blend colors to create a custom shirt.

We will watch throughout the day as the ice melts and their creation emerges! This was an activity the kids really enjoyed and it will be fun to have them there to watch the transformations.

Afternoon Project

We will create a mixed media project on boards. For this one we are going to do a mini exercise first where we illustrate words and feelings they evoke.

Your child will draw the word. So for example if I say “happy” your child might draw the letters to look like balloons or sunshine or whatever… or if I say “scary” maybe the S is a snake eating the other letters etc.

We’ll “warm up” our imagination with a few exercises before we take on our big project where I will have your child choose their favorite word and we’ll create an art piece with colors, textures, and different forms of media that illustrate their word (without using the actual word) and we’ll see if our parents can guess at pickup time :).

This activity is not only fun, it works the entire brain – we learn to see, think and feel in new ways. This art piece is an expression of that and they will be wildly different and abstract and something that comes from deep within your child’s heart/mind.

We’ll set our projects aside to dry and they can take them home on Day 3

Day Three

We’ll mix and pour the resin on our tiles from day one first.

Paper Mache in the morning. This will be a fun and messy one. We will make paper mache and paper mache clay and create a sculpture project.

We’ll learn different items we can use as a form and how to shape and build on them to create fun sculpture pieces. We will leave these to dry until day 4 where we will (hopefully) be able to paint them. This will depend on if they dry thoroughly enough. By day four they should be ready to take home at the end of the day, but your child may have to paint them at home.

Cleanup and Lunch

After lunch we’re going to take either an unfinished wood box or large jar and we’re going to use a variety of media and techniques to create a “secret treasure place” for your child.

They can decorate it to be anything they want and use it to contain their little hidden found items – things they treasure that make them feel happy when they view them.

A treasure box is a place for all those “hidden gems” kids collect. When your child is sad or anxious, opening it can help relieve stress.

For me I used to keep acorns and buckeyes and dried flowers, marbles and little toys – whatever small things your kiddos collect can be contained here and you’ll love looking at them in the future.

**Mini project or game if we have time left**

Day Four

Today is a more relaxed and fun day. We’re going to do a small weaving project in the morning where your child will create a loom and then learn some basic weaving techniques while creating their project.  We’ll use yarn, but we’ll also talk about other items you can use like old t-shirts, fabric, even plastic bags to keep them out of the landfill!

Lunch today is a pizza party! If your child doesn’t like pizza you can send a sack lunch.

In the afternoon we’ll create custom bars of soap your child can take home and finish up any of our other projects that need some touch-ups etc.

If we have time we’ll play a game or do some other mini-projects to finish out the day. We’ll also do some reviews of what we’ve learned throughout the week.

Ready to Register?

We look forward to getting to know your child and sharing a fun, full week of creativity with them.  You can register here.