Handprints Sign Kit

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Create a lasting, positive memory with this keepsake sign kit.

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These times have brought great challenge, but also many blessings. This sign kit is a great way to commemorate and celebrate the silver lining of this historic time we find ourselves living through.

We are putting together to go kits for this special project so that you have something you created together as a couple or family that you can keep forever.

This kit is $27 and includes: the board, all paints, sandpaper, stencil, stencil applicator, foam brush, plates, stencil sealer (to prevent leakage underneath the stencil when painting), permanent marker for signing/touchups , instructions/video tutorial and hardware to attach for hanging.

We’ll guide you through the process of painting/distressing your board, applying and properly painting the stencil, and doing the handprints. Video tutorials and written instructions are included in your kit!


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