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May 2023 Private Party Promotion


As you know we recently changed locations.

In an effort to get our new place rolling and make up for the 4 weeks we were closed as we moved/reopened we have decided to do a private party promo! You’ll get a great deal at 15% off our already great prices and a ton of fun memories too!

As an indie art studio and not a franchise we are commited to our guests 100% and want you to have an amazingly fun time whether it’s a girls night out, a family day, bachelorette party or team building outing.  We aren’t just another paint and sip franchise – we offer unique and personalized experiences both family friendly and grownups only!

Participants will also be entered to win a $50 gift certificate! 

You have to book your party by the end of may but it can be for ANY future date through 2023.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Book a party date and pay your $40 deposit to secure your date. You can message us directly, call or go through this booking calendar. bookable dates are in color and unavailable dates are greyed out.  * Deposits are non-refundable, but do apply to your total.  They can be transferred to a new date as long as you reschedule 2 weeks or more prior to your original[wpbs id=”1″ title=”yes” legend=”yes” legend_position=”side” display=”1″ year=”0″ month=”0″ language=”auto” start=”1″ dropdown=”yes” jump=”no” history=”1″ tooltip=”1″ highlighttoday=”no” weeknumbers=”no” show_prices=”no” form_id=”0″ form_position=”bottom” auto_pending=”yes” selection_type=”multiple” selection_style=”split” minimum_days=”0″ maximum_days=”0″ booking_start_day=”0″ booking_end_day=”0″ show_date_selection=”no”] date. 
  • Don’t have a date yet but know you want to do it? That’s fine – pay your deposit and we’ll work with you to secure a future date.
  • Pick the party of your choice (listed below)
  • We require a minimum of 10 participants for all weekend parties Friday – Sunday
  • We require a minimum of 7 participants Tues-Thurs.  Mondays are not available.

Discounted Party Rates 

The prices below reflect the 15% discount.  See the list below for party options, restrictions, and other details.  If you have any questions at all please reach out! 

  • Paint on Canvas 21.25 per person ages 12+ up up to 2 designs
  • Paint on Canvas Birthday Party $148.75 for up to 10 kids.  Additional attendees are $13.50 each. One design.
  • Wood Signs $25.50 – 34.00 per person depending on sign style (3D rounds, shelf sitters, porch leaners, interchangeables all available) Personalization (custom phrases, last names etc. available for an additional $5 fee to cover extra materials)
  • Wine Glass Painting $17.50 per person (glass painting only with tastings add $5 per person)
  • Black Light Glow in the Dark Painting $29.75 per person minimum of 10 required regardless of day of the week.  includes appetizers and drink specials for adult parties.  Family friendly parties also available for the same rate.  Water/Soda available for the under 21 crowd.
  • Paint and Trivia $29.75 per person, minimum of 10 required, 18+ over only.  We can do paint on canvas or shelf sitters that match the chosen theme. Themes available: Awesome 80’s and 90’s, Flower Power, True Crime, Paranormal, Halloween, Christmas, Tying the Knot, Classic Cartoons, Nerd Night. Includes charcuterie appetizers and drink specials.
  • Dot Mandalas $21.25 per person – fan favorite for all ages! This zen activity is great for a relaxing outing that anyone can do.  It’s simple to learn, engages both sides of the brain so even “non-creative” people dig it.  Variety of surfaces available.
  • *New* Crushed glass painting with resin.  $34 per person.  Shadow boxes with glass or acrylic fronts.  We paint, then attach crushed glass and seal with resin.  create stunning works of art! combines the best of painting, mosaic, and resin work.
  • Murder Mystery $34 per person.  Includes food, dessert, one drink, 3 rounds of scripted game play.  Dress up and get into character but don’t worry – you have a script to help you! Your hosts (us) provide evidence and help everyone relax and get into character.   Everyone has a plausible motive and anyone can be the murderer.  You’re all guests at Marwood Manor attending a cocktail party where our hilarious mystery ensues.  Minimum of 10 required max of 18 characters.  The murderer changes each time and this mystery is exclusive to VineGogh Studio!  Nothing over the top, but some minor swear words and inuendo make this party best suited to those 15 and over. 
  • Wine Tasting and Flights $12 per person.  We’ll teach you in a fun way how to taste and pair wines, expand your palate, and surprise you with pairings you may not have considered previously.  21 and over obviously and yes we do check.


Project Examples

We have way WAY too many options to put on this page, but here are a few examples of past projects.  You can always stop into our studio as well to see new arrivals and what’s available.  We add new things regularly.






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