VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio


Fundraiser Art Parties

Art parties make great fundraisers! Plan your own sip and paint or other art-related activity with us and we’ll work hard to ensure your benefit is a success.

Did you know? We offer over a dozen projects you can choose from for your party! We’ll work with you to coordinate a special event people will love.

How It Works

We meet with you for free in our studio to discuss the benefit, available dates and projects, how it will be promoted, what type of party you would like to host etc.

We will then work out a flat fee or per person fee with you. For example, we might charge 15 per person, you sell tickets for 40 and your organization keeps 25 per attendee.

For larger events offsite we do per person rates. For smaller, in-studio events we will quote you a flat rate for the party (you may have up to 18 attendees). You then charge whatever you wish and keep the rest minus the fee.

We will work with you to ensure you meet your fundraising goals. We cannot give away art parties (we’ve been asked) and while that would be nice, we also need to ensure we can at least cover our expenses for the materials, the time, our employees etc.

That being said, we do love to help and will keep our costs reasonable and do what we can to assure you end up with a beneficial fundraising event for your organization.

We also cross-promote and advertise your event on our calendar and Facebook page if you want us to.

Would you like to discuss how we can create a fun fundraiser with you? Contact us via our form or call to set an appointment to come in.