Explore the World With Art Take Home Kits

Our June program is being converted to a “virtual camp” where you can pick and choose which projects you would like to complete.

In July, we will be hosting in person camps with a limit of 6 attendees per week so that we can practice safe social distancing and sanitation according to CDC guidelines and Illinois “phase 3” rules. Our in person summer programs will begin July 7th. Details will be released soon.

If you would like a take home kit, we have one dozen of each available for purchase. These are the projects for June. You are welcome to preorder kits below and we’ll call you when they are ready for pickup.

Each kit is $20 and comes with everything you need to complete your project. If you purchase 6 kits, the 7th one is free.

Henna “tattoos” (India)

We’ll learn to draw traditional designs and use plaster casting to create a sculpture of the hand you can tattoo with a paint marker. You’ll receive the materials you need to create a plaster cast of your hand. Sheets that teach you how to draw traditional symbols will also be included along with a paint pen you can use to tattoo your hand sculpture.

Sugar Skulls / Day of the Dead (Mexico)

Wood cutout and paint kit with lessons on Día de Muertos and other similar festivals around the world that honor the dead. These kits have large 12″ intricate wood cutouts. Each one comes with a full set of paint pots in vibrant colors perfect for creating a beautiful “sugar skull”.

Nesting Dolls (Russia)

Your kit will come with a small set of 4 paintable dolls and gouache paints traditionally used to paint them. You get to learn about the history of this type of paint and how to use it to do your own spin on these fun dolls.

Sunset Animal Door Hangers (Africa/Australia)

We’ll use some cool painting and stenciling techniques to explore the African Savannah or the Outback. A variety of animals will be available to choose from. We’ll explore the animals, the regions they live and create fun art pieces to hang on your door. We’ll start by painting the entire piece black, then attach a stencil of a silhouette, paint over it using a sponging technique with acrylic and then pulling the sticker off to reveal an animal silhouette.

Mosaics (Greece and Rome)

We’ll explore ancient Greece and Rome with a cool mosaic project you can build at home. Kit will have a framed box, and we’ll be using a variety of dried goods (rice, beans, lentils, etc) for our mosaic pieces. You’ll create a design and use tweezers/glue to assemble your masterpiece. The frames can be stained or painted and you’ll end up with a piece you can hang if you choose.