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Soap Making Class (Hot Process)

soap making classes

From 1:00pm until 3:00pm


Join us for an afternoon session where you'll learn all about hot process soap making and how to create your own bars of luxurious, skin-healthy soap at home. 

As a small group, we will be cooking up batches of oatmeal honey soap with coconut and olive oil.  This is a best seller and works well for all skin types.  

You will go home with a large handout and step-by-step instructions so that you can do it again at home when we are done.  You'll also receive a few bars of soap from our class but will have to return to pick them up after they harden/cure. (a few days to a week) As we cook our batches of soap, you'll participate in the process and I'll show you as we go along what to look for. 

I've made soap for over 20 years and I'm happy to simplify the process a bit and answer questions. We'll cover types of oils and their benefits, fragrance (what is safe and what to avoid), how to test your soap to make sure it cooked and will cure correctly, etc.  For this batch we'll be using a mild oatmeal and honey fragrance so as not to overwhelm anyone's senses! 

I know it's June, but attendees should wear long sleeve shirts and full length pants.  Light weight is fine and we'll turn the AC up but we are working with lye and making soap from scratch so less skin exposed the better.  I will have safety glasses for those who don't wear prescription glasses.  (This makes it sound scary, it really isn't but we're using an abundance of caution) 

No outside drinks or cups of any kind permitted in our studio.  We have water, soda, tea, coffee, wine, malibu splash and limited mixed drinks available for purchase.  Thank you for your support.  


This class is now full please check back for future events!

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