VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Pressed Flower Pendants Resin Casting

821 Main Street

From 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm

At Highland Arts & Crafts

821 Main Street


**This event was rescheduled from June 2nd to July 7th**


For this workshop, Chris will show you how to create beautiful mini floral arrangements in cast resin pendants.  We use real pressed flowers! These tiny blooms and buds are placed in a special mold and resin is added.  Once they cure you'll have a gorgeous pendant that keeps that Spring/Summer pop of color year round. 

You will create 5 pendants with different shapes (oval, square, round, tear drop, rectangle) You'll also be able to choose 2 chains and 5 jump rings so you can make your pendants into necklaces as soon as you pick them up. 

Please note resin will need to be left to cure overnight and you'll be able to pick them up at a later date, or we can make arrangements for us to mail them to you (you'll need to pay the shipping fee).  

$30 includes all materials and instruction.  

**Important Information**

This project can get very messy.  We will provide you with disposable gloves.  Please wear an old shirt.  Resin can quickly damage surfaces! For that reason we ask that you pay close attention to instruction during this workshop and keep pace with the class (no working ahead or going rogue on this one guys! lol) 

Although allergic reactions to resin are extremely rare, especially when working with the smaller quantities we'll be using they can happen.  If you have never worked with resin and have very sensitive skin or severe allergies there is a chance (albeit small) that you may have a reaction.  I personally have horrible allergies and very sensitive skin and I work with resin all the time no problem, but as a responsible host we want to make everyone aware. 

No alcohol will be permitted for resin workshops.  Thanks for your cooperation.   It will be a very FUN workshop 🙂 

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