Poured Paint for Grownups


We'll get fun and messy as we learned about poured paint and how easy it can be to create interesting abstract art with pouring.

From 7:00 until 8:30

207 Suppiger Lane Highland IL


Join us for poured painting for grownups on Thursday evening July 11th at 7:00 pm. 

We'll show you how to blend paint and flow medium to create a fun and interesting piece of abstract art.  This is a simple art form that is very popular because it's pretty much fail safe with a few basic rules.  You also have the excitement of never knowing exactly what you'll get. 

This class is messy, so be sure to wear an old shirt.  We do have aprons and gloves, but things happen sometimes 🙂  

We'll have a lot of fun pouring colors and creating fun works of art on our 12x12" canvas.  You will pour your project and leave it to dry.  It needs to dry and cure for 48 hours before I can topcoat it for you.  You can return to the store to pick it up the following week.  

$25 all materials and light snacks/bevarages provided. 

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