VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Paint Your Pet Workshop


From 6:30pm until 9:30 pm

At VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio


Join us for this 3 hour class where we will paint your pet on a canvas.  During this workshop you'll learn a variety of painting techniques: blocking colors, shading, highlighting, color mixing and these are skills that you can develop and build on.  

I keep my classes small and you'll have plenty of one on one attention.  Even if you haven't painted a lot previously, you'll be surprised by what you can learn to do.  I've spent a great deal of time developing and simplifying my technique to make it approachable.  


Please register with a working, valid email address.  I need to contact you to get your photo.  We will take your photo and use it to pre-sketch your canvas prior to the event.  we need your photo no later than a week in advance! 

Your photo should be high resolution and feature your pets face and upper body.  We can crop images to a degree, but the true focus of this class is going to be on your pets cute furry face.  

Here is an example of a good photo for this project: 

There is a good, clear view of her face and good highlights/contrast.  

The background of your photo doesn't matter because we won't be using it.  We will be painting our pets on a simple colored background so that we can spend the majority of the class time unleashing our creativity where it counts - your baby's face! 



Register and pay below. We will contact you to get your picture! 

You may bring snacks to our workshop if you wish but no outside cups, containers or drinks of any type are permitted in our studio.  We offer bottled water, soda, tea, coffee, wine, and basic mixed drinks and seasonal cocktails for sale through our bar. 

There are 5 places available.

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