VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Open Studio


From 11:00 am until 7:00 pm

At VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio


Open Studio allows the public to come in any time during our open hours and pick a project to create.  You also have the option of purchasing a project in advance from our shop so that it will be ready for you upon arrival.  

Walk-ins are welcome but please note it can take up to 30 minutes to prep a project for you.  We advise coming in picking out a project and then enjoying a meal or some shopping around town and coming back.  

You can also just enjoy a bottle of wine and play cards in our studio for a bit until we have your project ready.  

Examples of Open Studio Projects 

  • UV Resin (necklace or keychain) 
  • Paint on Canvas
  • Laser Cut Wood Rounds or Cutouts
  • Personalized Wood Signs
  • Neurographic Art Lessons
  • Dot Mandala Art Lessons
  • Wine Glass Painting
  • Poured Paint (you have to come back to pick it up the following week) 


door rounds


gnome garden


laser cut to order


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