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Mosaics on the Square

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From 11:00 until 7:00

At Street Art Festival / The Square


Highland Arts & Crafts will be doing a mosaics class on the square during the annual street art festival.  If you have never attended this event, you are in for a real treat.  

Come to our space and we'll guide you and teach you how to use an assortment of tools to cut and break glass and ceramic.  We have stained glass and other assorted materials you can use in your project. 

If you would like to bring something to include, you are welcome to.  You can also opt to not do the breaking/cutting and use pre-prepared pieces instead. 

How it Works

  • Register and pay online (walk-ins accepted only if there's room)
  • Come to our space on the square anytime between 11 am & 4:30 pm to get started!
  • We will guide you step-by-step.  You will break and cut stained glass pieces, ceramic and other materials, then arrange and glue them to your 6-inch square project base.  We provide all the materials and tools, safety glasses, and gloves. 
  • Enjoy the festivities for 30 to 60 minutes then return to grout your piece OR pick it up and take it home and you can bring it to our studio the following week to grout & polish it.  (grouting takes another 30+ minutes)
  • You may opt to have us grout and polish your piece for you and take it back to our studio for pickup ($5 additional) 

Other Considerations

Older children may do a project but must be accompanied by a parent.  Glass is sharp even with safety measures in place. We recommend this project for ages 10+up. 

Festival hours are 11 am to 7 pm.  All projects must be completed and picked up by 7.  Projects not picked up will be taken back to our shop. 

In case of rain, we will move this event back to our studio and issue you a credit to attend the studio event. 

Get a discount price of only $20 if you register in advance.  $25 walk-ins will be accepted only if we have enough room and materials.

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