VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Mixed Media Collage Art Boards


From 10:30 until 12:15


For this fun class the sky's the limit and you can totally use your imagination and a variety of mediums to create a custom art piece with texture and movement.  The image above is an example of mixed media pieces where you can really let loose and have fun. 

We provide a variety of supplies, but if you have a particular theme or something you want to add, you can bring some of your own material too - an example might be a picture of your favorite character.  

We'll use 12 x 12 canvas boards and a variety of mediums to create custom "mixed media" collage/art pieces.  You'll get an introduction to a variety of items including paints, pastels, texture paste, decoupage medium and more.   Mixed media is a great way to explore texture while using a variety of different materials and techniques.

Be ready to use your imagination and we'll get creative as we make a fun piece you'll be able to hang on the wall.  

There are 5 places available.

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