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March After School Art for Kids


From 3:45 until 5:15


March 2020 After School Art Grades 1 - 6 

  • Tuesday afternoons from 3:45 to 5:15
  • March 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31

$80 for all 5 Sessions includes snack and drink.  (If your child has allergies or food sensitivities you will need to send them with a snack) 

**Pre-register before February 7th and we'll give you $5 off.  Tick the box to have us invoice you when you fill out your information**

$22.50 for individual sessions based on availability.  You will need to call the day of to see if we have room.  Advanced registration is only available for full-month attendance. 

10% discount per sibling if your children attend for the full month.  Discount not applicable for single sessions. 

We only have 10 spaces available for each monthly session.  We believe small groups are ideal for fostering creativity and providing enough one-on-one attention.  Advanced registration is required.  

Our Theme & Projects for March 

During march we'll be exploring paper with a variety of fun projects your kids will really enjoy.  Some of these projects can be a bit messy.  We have aprons in the shop, but you may want to send your child with a paint shirt or smock to provide further protection for their clothing. 

  • Handmade Paper (we'll make paper using pulp, screens & felt.  This is a super fun, messy, hands-on experience) 
  • Shaving Cream Marbling (we'll use a mixture of watercolor/shaving cream then dip and scrape papers to create beautiful marbled papers).  (bring a paint shirt!) 
  • Coffee Filter Flowers 0r Torn Paper Collage (you choose the design) We'll create fun flowers by folding, cutting and dyeing coffee filters, or you can choose to do a torn paper collage on a canvas.  
  • Paper Quilling  We'll use special tools and templates to teach your child the basics of paper quilling art and we'll make a small composition using our rolled pieces. 
  • Open Studio  Your child can use any of the techniques they've learned this month to create their own art project. 

Studio Rules 

Children are to remain in the studio area at all times and are not permitted to wander the shop area unattended. 

Children may not touch tools and materials we are not currently working with for their own safety.  

Our studio has adjustable, rolling chairs that rotate.  It is very important that children not play with the chairs. (we know it's hard to resist ourselves 😉 ) Spinning in chairs, racing the chairs and sitting on feet etc. can lead to injury, so seats are for bottoms and they aren't merry-go-rounds or go-carts :).  

Parents are welcome to stay and observe, or drop off and pick up.  You will be required to come into the studio for pickup after every session.  You need to also come in prior to the first monthly session in case we need any additional information. 

We will provide basic snacks and a drink.  If your child has food allergies or sensitivities you need to provide your own snack and also make us aware of any potential issues. 

If your child is disruptive we reserve the right to require parental supervision or to remove your child from the program.  No refunds will be issued for disciplinary issues.  We want to provide an environment where all our attendees can grow and learn in a fun, relaxed environment.  Bullying and/or constant disruption will not be tolerated. 

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