Learn to Use Your Vinyl Cutting Machine 2nd Session

vinyl cutting class

From 4:00 until 6:00


Do you have a cutting machine and still haven't learned how to use it or mastered cutting vinyl?  

Get ready to master your machine and make lots of holiday gifts this season.  Save time and money with this class.  No more wasting vinyl and throwing away failed projects in frustration.  Learn your way around the software and get hands-on training.  

During this class, you'll create a project using permanent adhesive vinyl (provided) and we'll have several project surfaces for you to choose from.  

You will need to bring your machine to class.  If you have a laptop with the software on it, feel free to bring that as well.  We have 3 laptops available with Silhouette software on them we can use if you need us to. 

This class has two sessions and is limited to 5 people per session.  This listing is for the 4-6pm session.  Our earlier session is sold out. 

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