Ice Dying T-Shirts PM Session


From 1:30 until 3:00


For this class we will be learning about ice dying.  We will need to go outside for this one, so if the weather is bad it will be rescheduled for Friday!  We will provide 100% white cotton t-shirts in a variety of sizes.

Your child will wear gloves but this is a very messy project so please wear old clothes.  Parents please be available to help children under 8. The rest of us will be taking our t-shirts and learning how to fold and scrunch and dye our way to a unique, one of a kind t-shirt.  

Ice dying is similar to tie dye, but the effects are more subtle.  We will have a pan and grate for each child. Your child will take their shirt and fold it, bury it in ice, apply the dye and then we'll leave it outside to melt.  Once the ice melts, I'll have to rinse and wash the shirts and you'll be able to pick them up by Friday. 


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