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Ice Dyeing T-Shirts Family-Friendly


From 2:00 until 3:00


We had several grownups who were interested in ice-dye when we did it with the kids.  For this family-friendly class, we invite you to come in and create a beautiful custom t-shirt.  

You will need to bring a 100% cotton, solid white t-shirt for this class.  Your shirt should be pre-washed but do NOT use fabric softener. 

We will show you everything you need to know about how to ice dye.  Although similar to tie-dye, this process is a bit different and involves using highly concentrated powdered dye and ice to create beautiful shirts that have a watercolor effect.  

This class is only $15.00 and all materials (except the shirt) are included.  Your shirt will be left here and we'll do a fixative rinse for you when your ice has completely melted.  You'll be able to pick your shirt up during regular business hours the following week.  

Family-friendly event no alcohol permitted. 


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