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Explore the World Through Art Summer Program 2020


From 11:00 am until 3:30 pm


Six spaces available.  

Ages 6 to 10

Tuesday - Friday  11:00 am - 3:30 pm

Children should bring a sack lunch each day except for Friday. 

Cost: Early registration by June 30th is $140 per child after that $150  Cost includes all project materials, t-shirt, daily snack/drink, and a "friday feast" where we'll have pizza and also sample foods from the places we explored throughout the week. 

Once you register, we will need your child's name, age and t-shirt size.  

Projects for each section will be different.  You are welcome to register your child for the second session in their age range if you wish and we'll give you a 10% discount on the second session. 

Summer Art Program Itinerary / Projects

We will present fun facts and information throughout our projects that are age appropriate.  We hope your child will come home and share interesting tidbits with you that they pick up along the way.  Art is a wonderful way to explore and it makes learning fun! 

  • Sunset Shirts - we'll apply dye to our shirts to create a sunset and then when they dry, we'll use stencils to apply silhouettes of our favorite animal from the African savannahs or from Australia.  We'll choose animals in advance and learn some facts about them and where they live etc. 
  • Sugar Skulls - A tradition in Mexico as part of their annual "Day of the Dead" celebration.  We'll paint and decorate wood cutouts and discuss the tradition of honoring our ancestors in Mexico and in other cultures as well. 
  • Henna Hands - Henna body painting (Mehndi) is a beautiful and complex art form. This traditional designs of this ancient tradition have been used to celebrate weddings, births, and religious holidays.  We will do cutouts of our hands and create gorgeous designs. 
  • Mosaics - an important part of Roman history, mosaics were used to decorate floors and walls in both homes and temples.  We'll create our own mosaic patterns and then use dried beans, lentils and other items to create our art pieces. 
  • Morpho Butterflies - A beautiful part of the Brazilian rainforest, these gorgeous, iridescent butterflies are very different on the bottom than the top.  We'll learn all about them as we build our own using cool products to make them iridescent and shiny. 

Throughout the four days we'll also have other "mini activities", games and open studio time for kids who finish their projects early or just need a little break now and then.  

Our friday feast will feature food samples from the regions/countries we cover in addition to a pizza party.  These treats will be announced at a later date. 

Please Note: 

  • We only have 6 spaces available and two guides to ensure every attendee has a positive experience and that we can maintain high levels of cleanliness and sanitation.  
  • Cancellations are possible up to one week before the camp starts and will be issued as store credit or your class may be transferred to another party, but you will need to inform us of the change.  We do not issue refunds if it is less than two weeks prior.  We strive to be transparent and fair in our policies.  
  • Age limits are a bit fluid, for example if your 10 year old wants to attend the 11 to 14 session with an older sibling or an 11 year old with a younger sibling - we'll work with you. 
  •  If your child has any food sensitivities or allergies you will be required to send them an alternate snack. 
  • You must bring your child into the studio the first day of the program to sign a waiver and fill out emergency contact information.  
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for disruptive behavior and bullying.  Parents will be notified if there is an issue and may be asked to remove their child from the studio early if the behavior persists. 

    Bullying, swearing, screaming or physical aggression is an automatic and permanent removal from the program.  We strive to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere for every child. 




There are 3 places available.

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