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Dot Mandala Painting Mid-Week Zen


From 7:00 until 8:30


For this class, we will be focusing on a calm, soothing atmosphere for the mid-week hump.  Come in and get some zen as we teach you the wonderfully simple and relaxing art of painting dot mandalas.  We'll provide you with 2 wood circles so that you can do two designs.  This class is suitable for beginners and those without prior painting experience. 

The word "mandala" is the Sanskrit word for circle.  In ancient Eastern traditions, a mandala is a representation of the universe.  These geometric artworks can be simple or complex in their design and they appeal to both sides of the brain - the part that likes symmetry and order, and the part that loves vibrant colors and patterns.   

During this class, we will use a variety of instruments that allow you to create perfect dots and move in a pattern. You can choose from many colors and the sky is the limit with design choices.  Once we get you started, you can go wherever your imagination takes you. 

Prior to the class, we'll take a moment to take a few deep breaths and relax and we'll enjoy a quieter evening with a small group.   

For me, dot mandalas are like the fidget spinners of the art world :).  I find they get me to stop the constant anxiety-inducing mind chatter and focus on something soothing.  They are very therapeutic to me and help me when my ADD gets the better of me and I can't focus.  This activity pulls me back to center and helps me ground and settle down. 

All ages welcome but keep in mind the nature of this event if booking with a young person.  This class will be better suited to teens or older children who can focus for an extended period without getting bored or restless. An adult must be present.  

This is something new I've been wanting to try and I hope you will enjoy this calm, quiet evening and if you really enjoy it, hopefully, a helpful new hobby! 

Water, coffee and a snack bar are available for free with paid admission.  No alcohol will be permitted for this event. 

This class is now full please check back for future events!

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