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DIY Custom Tumblers



Do you just love those fancy tumblers everyone is carrying around but none seem totally “you”? What if I told you that you could make your own exactly how you want it?

Join us for this fun class on Friday night May 31st and design your very own tumbler! 

The $30 fee includes one blank 30oz tumbler along with all of the supplies you need to make it truly your own! Free refreshments will also be available.

**Even if you've done this class before, this one is for the larger 30oz tumber like the one pictured below**

Please note you will have to come back to pick up your tumbler.  Once you make it, your hostess has to put the epoxy on and turn it.  The average turnaround time 10 to 14 days.  Excessive humidity can slow the dry times so it may be a bit longer.  We will call you when your cups come in so you can pick them up right away! 🙂 

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