VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Celebrate Autumn Paint Night


From 7:00 until 9:30


Do you love the colorful leaves and blooms of Fall? If so, you'll love having one of these beautiful paintings to add to your fall decor.  

For this class you may choose a 16x20" canvas or 8x10" MDF board to paint on.   You also have your choice of either of these two designs.  Please let us know your preferences when you register.  If you are unsure, you can contact me.  

MDF board is smoother and very easy to paint on.  We offer this as a smaller option for those who don't want a larger painting or who want to experience painting on a different surface.  I personally love painting on MDF. 

The 16x20" canvas is perfect for a larger wall hanging and is the standard size canvas we offer for most of our classes.  You've seen many of these hanging on our store/studio walls. 

No previous painting experience required.  We'll guide you step-by-step. 

18 and up - these are not ideal designs for children because they have multiple steps and take awhile.  

$27 all materials included.  We also provide a complimentary snack bar, water and coffee. 


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