Summer Art Programs

Build a Board Game Summer Program 12+ up


From 10:30 am until 3:00 pm



Summer art programs at our studio are always popular.  We have small class sizes and provide a great deal of personal attention and encouragement to every child who spends a week with us.  Each game session only has 10 seats available so early registration is highly recommended.  

For this fun program we are going to spend a full week playing, designing, building and testing custom board games! 

We will actually laser cut and machine pieces and other elements so your game will be durable - not just done on paper. 

By the end of the program your child will have created something unique complete with game play instructions, all pieces, the board, and custom packaging! 

  • We start by choosing a theme (some examples might be under the sea, treasure hunting, etc), then we determine the objective of the game (get somewhere, collect points, find something, first to cross the finish line etc) create challenges, determine how many players the game is for, if there are advantages/disadvantages in the mix etc. 
  • Next we plan out characters/pieces to support the theme and design our board layout.  
  • We'll design the board on paper first including the setting, start and end locations, action spaces etc. 
  • After that we write down the rules and do the final board/pieces. 
  • Our final steps are to design/create a custom box for the game and to test it out with our fellow attendees! 

For our older children we'll also cover some marketing concepts and how packaging and promotion are a great way to sell games! (your young person just might find a way to make $$ in a creative capacity someday!) 

We have two versions of this program that are age appropriate for two different groups.  Ages 8 to 11 and ages 12+ up.  Please ensure you are registering for the correct program! This one is for the older kids. 

On the final day of our program, there will be a gallery/demo.  You are welcome to walk around and let our attendees show you their new creations from 3 to 4pm on Friday and maybe even play a couple of the games too! 


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