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Art Therapy & Mosaics Workshop Beat the Winter Blues


From 1:00 until 5:00


Sunday, December 29th 1 - 5pm

Highland Arts & Crafts and Amanda Marti, M.A., LPC of Believe You Can Counseling & Education (in Breese) are teaming up to offer a unique 4-hour art-therapy workshop combining the healing power of creativity with mindful coping strategies for managing daily stress and beating the winter blues. 

For many, myself included, the winter months can trigger periods of sadness and anxiety.  This workshop will help you tap into your creativity while learning coping mechanisms to deal with post-holiday letdown and other emotional stresses of the post-holiday and winter season. 

Mosaics are a deeply satisfying, hands-on activity.  You will learn how to create arrangements, cut beautiful pieces of stained glass, and make an arrangement of various items which you will then grout and uncover.  

This project is fail-proof (we guide you through every step) and perfect for learning to let go of "perfectionism" and other sabotaging habits. 

Workshop Overview 

  • We'll start with project planning. You can pick an available pattern or create your own design.  We'll be using 10x10 or 12x12 wood pieces as our project base.  
  • Next comes a meditation where you will visualize your frustrations, fears, and worries being one with the glass as you prepare to break it for your piece. We'll also learn about various cutting tools and how to score, crack and cut pieces of stained glass to fit your project. 
  • Next, there will be a brief meditation and breathing exercise with Amanda and then we'll arrange and glue the piece.
  • While the adhesive dries, we will enjoy tea time together as a group and Amanda will talk a bit about the significance of mosaics and why we chose them specifically for this workshop.   We will provide tea, coffee, snacks and a special treat for our guests. 
  • After the break,  we will learn how to mix grout and use it to finish our pieces.  
  • Finally, Amanda will do a closing exercise and then we will wipe and polish the projects and adjourn.  (Please note that some of this last part may be done at home.  We don't want you to feel rushed!) 

Creativity has been proven in various studies to reduce stress and anxiety.  Coupled with professional mental health guidance and tools, you'll leave this workshop feeling refreshed and empowered. 

Amanda and I have truly enjoyed collaborating on this project and we look forward to focusing on positive creativity, mental health, and wellness with you. 

Limited Seating.  We only have 10 slots available for this workshop.  Cost: $55.00 all-inclusive.  You have the option to bring in custom pieces to break or add to your art piece if you wish.

We hope you will join us for this one-of-a-kind, special half-day workshop. 



There are 5 places available.

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