VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

Art Around the World Summer Program

11 - 14Jun2024

From 10:30am until 3:00pm

At VineGogh Studio



Only 12 Seats Available  - Ages 8 - 12

Date & Time: Tuesday - Friday, 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM Daily

Join us for a unique journey through art and culture with our "Art Around The World" summer program! Over four days, your child will embark on a global tour from the comfort of our studio, exploring traditional art and craft techniques from 7 countries:  Mexico, China, Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, and Morocco.

Program Highlights:

  • Educational Art Projects: Each day, participants will dive into a new country's art, learning about its culture and history through hands-on activities. Your child will:

    • Paint in the style of French Impressionists
    • Construct a Moroccan lantern
    • Design a Venetian carnival mask
    • Fold intricate origami creations
    • Learn Ebru Art (paper marbling) 
    • Craft with Bamboo
    • Explore Papel Picado (Mexican folk art)

  • Cultural Culinary Experience: On Friday, we'll celebrate the end of our world tour by sampling dishes native to the countries we've visited, offering a taste of the diverse cultures we've explored.

What to Bring:

  • Sack lunches and water bottles are required each day to keep our little artists energized and hydrated.
  • The studio will provide one drink and snack daily in the afternoon.

Special Note for Friday: As we sample foods from around the globe, picky eaters are welcome to bring their lunch to ensure they enjoy their day fully, however we encourage each child to try the different items we'll have available.  Past attendees have loved this experience! 

A Creative and Cultural Journey: This program is not just about creating art; it's a window into the world, fostering appreciation for global cultures and traditions. 

Don't miss this opportunity to give your child a summer filled with art, learning, and global exploration. Space is limited – reserve your spot today and let your child's artful journey around the world begin!

There are 4 places available.

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