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April After School Art Club

08 - 29Apr2020
April After School Art Club

From 3:45 pm until 5:15 pm


Theme:  Painting Techniques

We provide aprons, but request you send a paint shirt that covers your child's clothing to every session, or, if you prefer, send it marked with their name to the first session and we'll keep it in the studio for them for April. 

Cost: price is for the full month includes all art materials and one snack & drink per class.  Register before March 14th and it's $65 after that it will be $75

Ages: 1st - 6th grade

Sessions are Wednesdays in April Starting April 8th!  3:45 to 5:15 

April 8th  Poured Paint on Canvas.   This is a messy fun fail-proof way to learn about color and abstract art and kids of all ages love to see the results.  This will be our first session because it's a fun way to break the ice and get to know each other while we cheer each other on.  We'll explore a few different techniques you can use to get different looks.  We'll add silicone to make cells, apply heat and more. 

April 15th  Impressionist Landscapes No brushes will be used for this fun art class.  We will learn a bit about impressionist art and see some examples.  Impressionism was all about light/color and the "impression" of a subject rather than strict realism - hence the name.  We'll look at some famous examples and then do an "inspired by" landscape with fingers, q-tips, sponges, cotton balls and other "non-brush" items to explore texture and blend color.  This is a tactile art project, very soothing and another that's fun for all ages. We'll do these on stretched canvases that are ready to hang. 

April 22nd: Pointillism - we'll choose a design and lightly sketch it out.  Children can do Mandalas or a picture (their choice) and we'll learn how to use a variety of dotting tools to get great results.  We'll look at some examples of pointillism in history (Seurat for example) and some modern fun art projects (mandalas are a geometric design) all done with pointillism or dotting and then create a project on wood or canvas board (child's choice).   Pointillism uses tiny dots of color that become blended in the viewer's eye. This project may overflow into the next session. 

April 29th:  Open Studio - finish previous projects if they aren't finished during this time.  Children can also take what they've learned and use it to do a freestyle project combining techniques or exploring other types of paint we have in the studio like gouache or tempera.

April After School Art Club

From paint pours to pointillism our after school art program for April is going to be a blast!

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