VineGogh Wine Bar & Art Studio

April After School Art Club Festival of Flowers

03 - 24Apr2024

From 3:45pm until 4:45 pm

At VineGogh Studio


Welcome to our Spring 2024 After School Art Programs!  Program Fee is $80 per month ($75 for returning attendees) and includes all materials, snacks and a drink.  

  • February: Art & The Heart
  • March: Fantasy Creatures
  • April: Festival of Flowers! 

We will meet every Wednesday in April from 3:45 - 4:45 (your child can remain until 5pm at no additional charge if it helps) Late pickups beyond that require notice please.  

We provide a drink and snack (usually crackers, cookies, that sort of thing and a Caprisun type drink)  If your child has dietary restrictions you will need to send a snack with them.  Thank you! 

April Theme: Festival of Flowers! 

Spring has Sprung (hopefully) Discover the beauty of flowers through paper crafts, painting and arranging sola wood flowers, and experimenting with gouache and acrylic paints to create floral masterpieces. Flowers and art inspired by them are not only timeless and classic but we'll incorporate some modern techniques as well.  We'll do a variety of flower themed projects that are new and interesting! 


If you have a child who has enrolled previously contact us and we'll send you a discounted invoice.  New here? Wonderful continue to register below.  

We will send paperwork (emergency contact info and a release) to fill out and we must have them on file for your child to attend.  You can do them in advance or come in the first day of the session to fill one out.  

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