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Dot Mandala Paint Tutorial

The video above is a FREE tutorial for you to learn all about dot mandala art. Dotting is a soothing art form that appeals to both right and left brained people. It’s full of patterns and organization, yet it’s colorful and creative. It’s also simple to learn as you’ll see.

This video is “out of date” as far as our talking about current events, but the tutorial is still good – so follow along and enjoy!

Optional Dot Mandala Kit Purchase

Order a mandala project kit from us for $20. It includes a 9-inch plywood circle, 5 paints (black, white, red, blue, and yellow – all you need to mix any color you like), a small practice piece and a set of the metal ball dotting tools. You’ll see the tools in use in the video above.

The kit no longer includes the smaller wood dotting tools (sorry), but the metal tools are all you need to create 8 different sized dots and are perfect for the larger project piece your kit contains!

**Back in Stock! 🙂 **

If you want an extra circle it’s an additional $5.

Mandala Kit

All payments must be done online in advance. We will contact you when your kit is available for pickup.

**It may take a couple of business days for us to prepare your kit. Thank you! your purchases are helping us through a very tight spot and we APPRECIATE all of you!

*We wash and sanitize our hands before packaging our kits and are fully 100% committed to your safety.

Other Recommended Optional Items

If you’d like to order more paint or the optional stencils shown in the video, the links below are to Amazon. Full disclosure, if you purchase stencils or paint here we get a bit of a commission.

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