Sell With Us

We are always open to meeting with local creatives to feature in our store.  We will only work with those who create items unlike what we already carry, who have a Facebook business page or website, and who are willing to follow our very common sense rules all of which are listed below :).

We have booth rental and straight consignment options available.  Those who rent space with us don’t pay a consignment fee.  Our booths are currently full.

If you want to sell on straight consignment the fee is a 70/30 split.

Why Consign With Us?

We want to form a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our consignors. Here are just a few of our seller perks.

  • We have an easy to find location directly behind McDonald’s in Highland, IL.
  • Experienced, devoted staff with extensive craft show, retail, and website/social media skills who are 100% dedicated to your success.
  • A safe, clean retail location to sell your products with space lease options of 1 year paid monthly.
  • Ability to log in to our system and check your sales whenever you like.
  • A 10% discount on new art and craft supplies.
  • Promotion on social media, our website,  and local media.
  • Reasonable rates for booth and display rentals.  You only pay actual cost of credit card transactions – no additional commissions so you keep your profits.
  • Generous consignment rates 70/30 for those on straight consignment and not renting space.
  • Opportunities to expand your income by hosting classes or demos in our studio.
  • A lot of creative freedom with your spaces. Spaces must always be FULL and stock rotated regularly. 
  • We handle all the business details – the selling, advertising, sales taxes, day-to-day operations etc.
  • You get the benefits of a retail space without the added challenges of daily store operations and you don’t have to clean the bathroom! :).
  • This doesn’t mean you can just drop off items and leave them though.  We do expect our consignors to regularly rotate stock and be active participants in our shop.  Your booth is a mini retail store – not a storage space!

Booth/Display Rentals

** We have limited space available.  Booths are rented out with 12 month leases.  You can pay month to month.  **

We offer a variety of affordable space sizes to meet your needs.  (60 to 100 per month) We’ll get you set up with the perfect spot to meet your needs and budget.  Our easy to use POS system allows our vendors to log in and check their sales at any time.

Don’t have enough items to fill a booth or display? Or perhaps you have large items that need to be custom ordered? Don’t worry we will work with you on a generous straight commission plan if we have the space.

Are you ready to learn more?  Contact Us to schedule an appointment  You can also view a contract.