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We covered a lot in our journaling class the other day. As promised, I am putting together a list of products we used that you can purchase from Arteza and other places.

We hope you enjoyed the journaling experiences we shared, the various exercises and that you’ll continue creating a beautiful journal that works for you going forward.

Everblend Markers

The Everblend Art Markers are the ones we used that have the heavier chisel tip on one end and the fine liner on the other. They have excellent pigmentation and are of great quality while providing a less expensive option that copic markers.

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Watercolor Pencils

Another product we used that many of you enjoyed were the watercolor pencils. You can color/draw with them, then add a bit of water with a brush to get a lovely watercolor look. They are great for blending colors also.

Watercolor Pencils

Brush Pens

We didn’t use these in the class because I didn’t have enough to go around, but they are very fun when you are using watercolor pencils or gouache paints. You unscrew them and add a few drops of water and you can then paint with them.

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Gouache Paints

These are the paints we used that are opaque and a lot like acrylic out of the tube, but they can be watered down and diluted as much as you like to create gorgeous watercolor results as well.

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Brush Pens

These are the marker pens that have a brush like tip. They are good for feathered strokes, lettering (with practice) and give you the convenience of a marker and look of paint.

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