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Art and a Tea Party

Art and a tea party = fun for all ages.

We recently began carrying a variety of gourmet loose leaf and herbal teas in our shop and they have quickly become very popular. We’re proud to say we’ve converted some “non tea drinkers” also with our free daily samples.

Free Tea Available for all Classes & Events

You can enjoy free tea at all of our events. Bring a teacup with you, or we will provide you a disposable one, but tea tastes better in a non-porous tea cup. (If you’re curious about why that is read this.) We have always provided a complimentary snack table and bottled water for your convenience and will continue to do so, now you can add tea to the list!

Every day we sample a “tea of the day” and you can come in and try a free taste – no pressure. Should you decide you need to take some home, our teas are reasonably priced at $5.00 per bag.

So, Why Tea?

As a small “mom and pop” shop and studio, we work hard to bring you a unique and valuable experience. You’ll discover when you visit that we aren’t just another “sip and paint” place, we offer a variety of workshops. We want you to have such a great time that you’ll want to return again and again. Tea is a comforting ritual, it’s beneficial for your health and a perfect addition to our creative space.

Highland doesn’t have a tea room, but a great cup of tea can be a simple pleasure and full of surprises. Many people who haven’t experienced tea beyond the bag or their summer iced beverage may not be aware that tea, like wine, has a variety of different flavors and nuances. You may have tried a certain type of wine and not liked it, but that doesn’t mean you dislike all wine. Most people will find that same experience with tea.

We hope you’ll open up to trying our variety of teas and will enjoy this new element of our studio and shop. We are also in the process of bringing in gourmet coffees.

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