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2023 Summer Programs

2023 Summer Programs Highland Arts & Crafts LLC


Doll House Summer Art Program


June 13th – 16th  10:30am to 3:00pm Daily


We will design, build, decorate, and fully furnish a dollhouse and outdoor space. 

From blueprints to building, this week-long project is designed to teach patience, persistence and reward for effort.  Based on past experience, this summer program is best suited to ages 9+ who have the ability to focus for up to 30 minutes at a time on the same task.  

Previous dollhouse attendees loved the end result after a challenging week of hard work!  We built furniture, painted, made hardwood floors, custom art, and more. 

Our doll houses will be placed on a base where your child will also build the yard/outdoor space.  Will there be a pool? A garden? A cool patio or lots of trees? A challenging week for your child to create the mini-space of their dreams. 

$175  includes all project materials, instruction, daily drink/snack and ice cream party on Friday.

Register Here:


Messy Makers 

June 20th – June 23rd  10:30am – 3:00pm daily 

We welcome all young makers 6+ who want to have a week of hands-on messy experiences to join us and learn a lot about art while exploring a variety of mediums and textures.   

This art exploration program is a fun learning experience and we create a variety of projects throughout the week.  When we say “messy makers” we mean it, so old clothes and shoes are highly suggested.  

Join us for a week dedicated to messy but marvelous projects including papier mache, air dry clay, finger painting, decoupage, dyeing, paper making, and more. Your child will learn a lot about art while having a great time making a mess! Our littles loved this program last year and their parents were super glad they sent them here to do it!

 $175 includes all project materials, t-shirt, daily snack/drink, and an ice cream party on Friday! Ages 6 – 9

Register Here:



Board Game Design 2 Sessions Ages 8 – 11 

& Ages 12 – 15

Ages 8 to 11  July 11th – 14th 10:30am to 3:00pm daily 

Ages 12 to 15 July 18 – 21st 10:30am to 3:00pm daily

Each game session only has 10 seats available so early registration is highly recommended.  

For this fun program we are going to spend a full week playing, designing, building and testing custom board games! 

We will actually laser cut and machine pieces and other elements so your game will be durable – not just done on paper. 

By the end of the program your child will have created something unique complete with game play instructions, all pieces, the board, and custom packaging! 

  • We start by choosing a theme (some examples might be under the sea, treasure hunting, etc), then we determine the objective of the game (get somewhere, collect points, find something, first to cross the finish line etc) create challenges, determine how many players the game is for, if there are advantages/disadvantages in the mix etc. 
  • Next we plan out characters/pieces to support the theme and design our board layout.  
  • We’ll design the board on paper first including the setting, start and end locations, action spaces etc. 
  • After that we write down the rules and do the final board/pieces. 
  • Our final steps are to design/create a custom box for the game and to test it out with our fellow attendees! 

On the final day, we will have a “game gallery” for parents to come see (and maybe even play!) the games our attendees have created.  We’ll learn about their creative process and how their games work – so please make some time to attend that if you can.  We’ll do it from 3pm to 4pm on the final day. 

We have two versions of this program that are age appropriate for two different groups.  Ages 8 to 11 and ages 12+ up.  Please ensure you are registering for the correct program!

Ages 8 to 11 Register Here:

Ages 12 to 15 Register Here:




These are 2 day only programs for $60.  No discounts are available for mini programs! Programs include all materials, one daily snack/drink.  Sack lunches are required each day. 


Create A Comic Or Illustrated Story Book Mini Program Ages 8 to 11

July 25 & 26th  10:30am – 3:00pm 

Most kids are natural story tellers so tapping into this when they are young can spark a lifetime of creative thinking! 

By the end of the 2 day session your child will have developed a full story board/outline, characters, story ideas, some comic strips and possibly more depending on how motivated they are. 

We’ll explore many mediums – including digital, traditional and a variety of art tools.   

Learn how to get designs/ideas out of our head and onto the page and how to create characters and stories that engage others.  Your kiddos will create their own unique characters!  This isn’t about simply recreating or copying a favorite character – it’s taking characteristics of characters we know, looking at what makes them special and developing something unique and personal based on those preferences. 

If your child loves anime and butterflies – they might create an anime style creature with butterfly wings etc.  We’ll do activities that spark creativity: mind mapping, AI prompts, games, and collaboration activities to get the creative juices flowing. 

After that they’ll be given all the tools and encouragement they need to create some comic panels and present them at the end of day 2 (if they want to, we don’t force that) but we thought it might be fun to give them the option of posting a little gallery of their work!  If your child chooses to participate you’ll be able to come see the gallery at the end of the day (3 to 3:30) on the final day.  

Register Here:


Create A Comic Book Or Illustrated Story Ages 12+

July 27th and 28th 10:30am – 3:00pm  Ages 12 to 15  


By the end of the 2 day session your child will have developed a full story board/outline, characters, story ideas, some comic strips and possibly more depending on how motivated they are. 

We’ll explore many mediums – including digital, traditional and a variety of art tools.

We’ll focus on planning, drawing techniques, and participate in a variety of activities, games and more that help spark and expand the creative process.  This is not a program for copying or drawing existing characters etc. We will help our attendees create their own unique characters based off of things they enjoy about others.  Inspiration – not imitation is the goal! 

At the end of day 2 we plan to have a gallery of our work so that parents and other supporters can come view them.  We’ll host the gallery from 3 to 4pm on the second day.

Register Here:


3D Diorama Summer Art Mini Program

August 1st & 2nd Ages 8 – 11 

August 3rd & 4th Ages 12 – 15 

Build a scene from scratch with extreme detail and multiple materials – challenge your creative thinking and come up with ways to design and build a 3D scene from the ground up.  

Theme ideas include:  “My perfect room” “favorite creature and habitat” “favorite place” “fairy garden” etc. 

Whatever you come up with, we’ll help you create a mixed media masterpiece using a variety of mediums: clay, paint, decoupage, found items, papier mache and more.  

This 2 day intensive project is a great way to build patience and persistence as you create something great from the planning stage all the way through to the final result! 

At the end of the second day we’ll have a gallery for all of our makers to show off their creativity and talk about their pieces.  (optional but we hope all the kids will want to participate and show off their work!) 

Sack lunch and water bottle required both days.  We will also provide a snack/drink each day in the afternoon. 

Ages 8 to 11 Register Here:

Ages 12 to 15 Register Here:

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